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Marlow               Lodge
No. 2752

It is a popular misconception that you have to be wealthy to become a mason. It does not cost as much as you may think.

If after reading this website, you decide that you would like to apply to become a member of the Marlow Lodge then upon being accepted you will be asked for certain fees. These include a one off joining fee of £100 and a registration fee to the United Grand Lodge of England for £60. You will also be asked for the annual subscription levied by the Lodge which currently is £165. Established masons wishing to join the Lodge are asked for a joining fee of £50.

Our Lodge meetings consist of an official ceremony followed by a dinner, called the Festive Board. These dinners usually consist of a four course meal, currently costing £16. Any wines etc. that you may like to have with your meal are in addition to the dining fee.

Our Lodge, like many others, has a dress code. At each meeting you are requested to wear a dark lounge suit, white shirt, a black tie, white gloves and black shoes. In time you will need to purchase some items of regalia. These need not necessarily be purchased new and there is often the opportunity to buy used regalia at reasonable cost.

Throughout the year we have special events to raise money for charity. These consist of a Ladies Festival Weekend, which this year was held at The Chichester Park Hotel in Chichester and was attended by 88 Lodge members, their friends and family. Likewise a summer Garden Party was hosted by the Lodge, again attended by Lodge members and members of other Lodges. We also hold Selected Festive Board evenings open to Masonic and non Masonic guests, the primary one being our Christmas White Table evening at which - among other festivities - the local choir entertain the guests with a carol concert. Also throughout the year we have various social meetings etc., all of which enable us to raise several hundreds of pounds for local and national charities. You will not be pressurised in any way to attend any of these events, but they are great fun and an ideal way to widen your circle of friends. Freemasons are encouraged to give money to charity. You will never be pressurised, as giving to charity and how much you give is a matter for your own conscience.

If after reading this website you are still interested in becoming a Freemason, please feel free to complete the ‘Contact’ page giving brief details about yourself. We can then arrange to meet you socially and answer any additional questions that you may have before committing yourself.